CB- Who?

** Warning- this post is a non-paid, non-sponsored review. Hell, the crew at Warfighter won’t even know this review is up and live, until I decide to let them know about it. 

I’ve got a few questions for you to consider, before you read much of this post. After all, the last thing I wish to do is waste your valuable time. Take a look at these questions, answer them for yourself (this isn’t a class participation event,) and then decide if reading on is worth it for you.

First, do you have difficulty sleeping?
Next, do you battle chronic anxiety?
How about chronic pain?
Maybe some Post-Traumatic Stress in the mix as well?
Hate the feeling/ cost/ potential addiction issue that comes with prescription medication?

Stress head in smoke

This is exactly how it felt inside my head most days.

Take a moment and answer- I’ll wait.

Now, I am going to tell you a short story. Anxiety has been an issue my entire life, but up until the past few years, my coping method was to head right outside with my horses. Horses kept me grounded and calm. Life happened and things changed, and my time with the horses was drastically cut. The direct effect of that lack-of-horse-time was I battled anxiety, sleeplessness and physical pain. The less I slept, the more anxious I got, the more pain I felt in old injuries. This vicious cycle continued, and events that added different stresses (such as my husband’s illness, our teen sons, and a huge accident that left me severely damaged,) only added to the load. I wasn’t sleeping. Each night, I would lay down only when I was ready to literally drop from exhaustion. And each night, between 2 and 3 AM, I would wake up and not get back to some sort of rest for hours.

My husband was also a mess. Thanks to a situation- wait, check that. Thanks to MULTIPLE situations well beyond our control, his stress level skyrocketed. His anxiety was at an all time high, his temper was on a hair trigger, and he was getting almost no rest as well.

Needless to say, this was NOT good for anyone.

Out of desperation, I started really paying attention to a couple of folks I have a considerable amount of trust in. We did research. Asked questions, listened to answers and finally took the plunge and purchased some CBD Oil from Warfighter Hemp.


My husband was the guinea pig- actually I bought it for him, as I was extremely worried about his health. After taking small amounts for 4 days, he was amazed. He was sleeping. His anxiety was incredibly low. His outlook on our situation was calmed. In fact, he was so happy with the results, he had ME take some.

Due to my lightweight status, I took about a half a standard dose. That night, for the first night in years, I slept. Like a ROCK. I woke up feeling refreshed. There was no fuzzy head, no hung over feeling, no cotton mouth- just awake. Happy. Calm. RESTED.

It had to be a fluke, right? Tried it again- 3 more nights. Each night, I slept and woke up feeling stronger and better. So I skipped one night. Slept like crap, could not get my brain to hush, and the anxiety the next day was back full force. According to my kids, I was not the most wonderful person to be around. (You know the saying, when Momma ain’t happy, ain’t NO ONE happy? Yeah, it was like that. The poor kids wanted to run away and hide and in fact they did spend a considerable amount of time outside that day.)

Yeah, no more skipping my evening dose thank you very much. I don’t LIKE being that way. Warfighter now has us as customers for life.

If you’ve stayed with me this far, do yourself a huge favor. Read up on CBD. Talk to the crew at Warfighter. Not only will you be helping your health and outlook on life, you’re giving something back to veterans. (Yup, founded and owned by vets, and a good portion of the proceeds go BACK to other vets to help them. Win-win-win all around.)

Got questions? Leave them in the comments here! If I can’t answer them, I will get the answer for you.

Y’all take care out there. Be healthy. Be calm.
~Momma Bear



Want to know more? You can find the crew from Warfighter on Facebook.  Tell ’em you saw the post on here!

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